‘Love, knowledge & service’ is our school motto. The quality policies are framed in such a way of enforcing this principle. We adopt a special method of teaching to enhance the potentials of our kids. A systematic process is introduced and practiced to build a strong English Communicative Skill with several opportunities to practice.

                A special programme, called ‘pull out’ is carried out for the special children those who need an intensive care. In it, the area of their difficulty is found out and a special coaching is given to improve.

                Highly qualified and well trained teachers are engaged in facilitating the students in their learning process. 1:20 is the teacher student ratio which helps in giving individual attention on each child.

                Winners are groomed into beautiful personalities in course of time. The environment plays a vital role in their career. We follow an adaptive curriculum which shapes every student into responsible citizen. An innovative method of teaching that highly facilitates the students’ learning is carried out. This helps us, not only in enhancing the teaching learning process but also to create a record. The results of the 10th and 12th Board exams are evident. More numbers of centum; placement is Anna University, in Government Medical colleges and State Ranks are possible through our friendly curriculum which is ultimately different from the so called “Namakkal pattern”. Every learner is taken care as per their own span of learning speed.


Internal Administration

Staff Council

                The council is consisting its members of teachers from each level of classes in order to discuss the issues and to decide the solutions in such a way that the decisions are to be taken only for the welfare of the children.

                This council is also taking up the responsibility of counseling the students and the parents when it becomes necessary. It functions actively throughout the year headed by the principal of the school.

Student Council

                The office bearers of this council are selected by the staff council to take over the administration of the students’ community. It takes up total responsibility of the whole school administration on Sep.5th, the teachers’ day.

Parents Teachers Association

  • All the parents and the teachers of the school are members of this Association. The main objectives of this Association are.
  • To make parents to involve themselves actively in the various curricular and co-curricular activities of the school.
  • To bring better understanding about the problems of the children through frequent parents and teachers contacts. It makes the parents to be co operative with the teachers in molding the total personality of the children.
  • General Body Meetings will be held at least once in a term. Parent’s attendance at these meetings is mandatory.
  • Every Saturday is meant for parents and teachers to meet and discuss about the academic and other performance of the children.

Pre – Primary (KG Class)

                A special innovative method of teaching is followed. The curriculum is framed by the educational experts and psychologists in such away all the children to learn their syllabus in a very interesting and playful way. The teachers are well trained to handle the wards with love & care for their academic as well as psychological needs.

Primary (I to V)

                As per the saying in Tamil “Ie;jpy; tisahjJ Ik;gjpy; tisahJ” we  concentrate much on training the children specially to develop their reading and speaking skill. We teach three languages, Tamil, English & Hindi to read, write and speak fluently. They are also identified of their special skills and trained to shine in it. At this young stage along with academic various other skills are easily imparted in to their minds.

High School (VI to X)

                Here it is much concentrated in making the students to understand the concepts clearly. For this an activity based method of teaching is followed. It enhances the experienced learning which develops a long lasting conceptual memory in the students. It also helps them to understand their syllabus in their higher education and to perform better.

Higher Secondary (XI & XII)

                It is well known that this is the turning point of a student’s life as the score decides their future. And so irrespective of the marks they scored in their 10th standard they are all taught and trained well to score better and best marks in higher secondary to enter into top ranked professional colleges and universities.  The results of the previous years’ are guiding us to do still better.