Schools should provide responsible citizens of future India. Our school curriculum is designed in such a way to train the children to be fit both physically and mentally to become good citizens. They are trained in music, dance, yoga, silambam, art & craft etc. The ‘mass Prayer’, a combined religious prayer service on Fridays cultivates religious tolerance among the children and helps in creating perfect and responsible citizens.


In order to inculcate, among the students, a sense of belongingness, art of competitiveness and the team spirit, an activity oriented system called ‘House System’ is being followed.

All the students of the school are grouped into four houses namely Akash, Jal, Agni and Prithvi.

In each house a captain and a vice-captain are elected from the House members. Each house is put under a teacher in charge.

Points are awarded, which can be enhanced or depreciated depending upon the remarks. The best house is awarded with a rolling shield on the Annual Sports Meet of the school.


To instill true sportsmanship among the students of Kongunadu, the school has provided ample opportunities to unleash the hidden skills and groom them physically and mentally upright to face the challenges. The students of our school are given 5 periods in a week for their physical education training. Out of the school timing they are also given intensive coaching to perform well in various competitions.  15th August is the Sports Day every year.  Sports Meet lit the light to illumine the hearts of the children with the spirit of sportsmanship. A grand display of cultural events and track events, where the students show case their caliber makes the day memorable one in every participant.

Club Activities

            There are six clubs functioning in the school. Each student should be a member of atleastone club. The ultimate aim of these clubs to train the children in developing the basic skills needed for their life. They change their membership each year as they prefer.

  • This club aims to bring out the creative skill of kids.
  • Kids are taught many things to make from waste. They use only waste materials with some low cost decoration things. They make wall hangings, show case things, dolls, house hold articles etc.,
  • Teaches the members to develop their creativity and to exhibit their articles for the parents and public on the National Science day, Feb. 28th.
  •             The earth desperately needs healers and lovers of nature rather than successful people. In such a way this club members are taught how to show their love towards the universe. They are also taught the traditional way of treatments in order to not to cultivate any side-effects due to over usage of allopathic medicine. For that, a medicinal park is cultivated where the members grow the rare medicinal plants.
  • Quiz club is fortunate to have its members interested and enthusiastic who are willingly and happily participate in the club activities.
  • This club helps its member students to improve their knowledge in all aspects and also to give a platform where they can express their I.Q.
  • The club is tryig its best to keep the students in touch with the scientific and technological day-to-day developments.
  • It helps the children to take part in quiz competitions and also prepares them to ready for the competitive exams in future.
  • Selects and trains the students for cultural programmes in the school and for outside competitions.
  • The club aims in tracing the hidden talents of the students and helps them to improve their skill.
  • It arranges the programmes for all the celebrations of the school as per the schedule.
  •             This club is created for the lover of book and to improve the reading skill among the students. It provides its members varieties of books for their taste to read. It also makes them to share the interesting books they read in the previous week in the assembly, every Saturday. It motivates the non members of this culb to cultivate the reading habit.
  • The members are taught to prepare a variety of healthy and delicious dish.
  • This club helps the students to prepare their own evening healthy snacks without disturbing their parents and not to be the followers of fast food. It also helps our children to manage their meals even in the absence of their parents.